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Order online or via text:
(202) 309-2264
CannaLink - Global Cannabis & Mushroom Hotline

United States of America

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The Background

      Connecting cannabis and mushroom enthusiasts with local dispensaries, growers, and edible makers all over the United States... and the world - the kind staff at CannaLink happily fulfills and delivers all your cannabis and mushroom needs! Available where permissible. Void where legally prohibited. 

Order online and one of our friendly customer service representatives will text you to verify age and identification, as well as any other specifics pertinent to the immediate pickup or delivery of your items. Valid ID 21+ is required. Medical card required in some states and countries. Same-day pickup and delivery service available in most metropolitan areas. Immediate 1-hr-or-less service available by request where available. Open 9am-8pm EST, everyday except Christmas.


Delivery FREE with purchase over $150.


3-5 day long-distance delivery also available. Additional fees vary. Text for inquiries.

No-Wait Curbside Pickup
Always FREE with order

Same Day

1hr or less available.

9am-8pm EST,

7 days/week

Same-Day Delivery

$5 Delivery Fee, most areas

Free Delivery with orders $150+

9am-8pm EST,

7 days/week

1 hour delivery

Repeat Customers Only

$10 Delivery Fee, limited area

Free Delivery with orders $150+


9am-8pm EST

 7 days/week

We also offer
3-5 business day
long-distance delivery

Additional charges vary

Text to inquire

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