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THC gummies available for pickup and delivery in Washington DC and DMV area.


Infused with B vitamins and niacin to maximize the sativa effects, Flora+ Bast gummies are the best product in their category. After ingestion, the most common effects you'll feel after taking a Flora + Bast sativa edible are a burst of creativity, positive mood, euphoria, and a strong, energetic feel. If you want to play some physical games, do arts or crafts, or do anything that hones your creativity, then sativa edibles are the best for you.

900mg THC Sativa Gummies by Flora + Bast

    Order online or via text:
    (202) 309-2264

    Curbside Pickup

    1hr or less available.

    9am-8pm, 7 days/week


    Same-Day Delivery

    9am-8pm, 7. days/week

    $5 Delivery Fee, most areas

    Free Delivery with orders $150+

    1 hour delivery

    Repeat Customers Only

    9am-8pm, 7. days/week

    $10 Delivery Fee, limited area

    Free Delivery with orders $150+

    We also offer
    3-5 business day
    long-distance delivery

    Additional charges vary

    Text to inquire

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