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Lighter available for pickup and delivery in Washington DC and DMV area.

The classic, full-size Bic lighter. More likely to be lost or purloined than to ever break on its own. Consider it a victory if you're able to use all the gas in one before a friend runs off with it or you leave it with another smoker. Just $3 because fair value is what we are here to provide, and we are proud to beat Door Dash, Amazon and Instacart prices, as well as the prices of the others in our industry!

Bic Lighter

    Order online or via text:
    (202) 309-2264

    Curbside Pickup

    1hr or less available.

    9am-8pm, 7 days/week


    Same-Day Delivery

    9am-8pm, 7. days/week

    $5 Delivery Fee, most areas

    Free Delivery with orders $150+

    1 hour delivery

    Repeat Customers Only

    9am-8pm, 7. days/week

    $10 Delivery Fee, limited area

    Free Delivery with orders $150+

    We also offer
    3-5 business day
    long-distance delivery

    Additional charges vary

    Text to inquire

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