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Live Resin cartridge available for pickup and delivery in Washington DC and DMV area.


ULTRA Refined Live Resin Carts have earthy and fruity notes creating a revitalizing feeling with each hit. Halo's unique line of above the cloud inspired names will get you feeling just that. Premium Cannabis Live Resin flavors range from sweet and creamy to sour and tangy, satisfying an array of preference while energizing you with each flavorful hit. Made from high-end distalate, ultra-refined and packaged in premium grade glass cartridge. 


Tests at 79.87% THC, according to JungleBoys.

Halo 1g Live Resin Vaporizer Cartridge

    Order online or via text:
    (202) 309-2264

    Curbside Pickup

    1hr or less available.

    9am-8pm, 7 days/week


    Same-Day Delivery

    9am-8pm, 7. days/week

    $5 Delivery Fee, most areas

    Free Delivery with orders $150+

    1 hour delivery

    Repeat Customers Only

    9am-8pm, 7. days/week

    $10 Delivery Fee, limited area

    Free Delivery with orders $150+

    We also offer
    3-5 business day
    long-distance delivery

    Additional charges vary

    Text to inquire

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